Friday, 28 June 2013

Two Local Artists Making Strange in Saltaire - Karen Belarouci and Ann Davies

This is Jessica posting while Beverley is on holiday.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Saltaire was nothing more than a centre for tradition and heritage but it is in fact absolutely heaving with contemporary artistic talent, not least of all demonstrated by local artists Ann Davies and Karen Belarouci.

Ann Davies is currently exhibiting a gorgeous collection of textile dolls, elaborately adorned in beautiful fabrics with hairdos to match and a series of detailed "Storyboxes" each hinting at strange worlds and days gone by.

The Lady Who Thought Oranges Were The Only Fruit

The Bicycle Circus


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Karen Belarouci is currently showing a colourful range of surreal and fun jewellery, a little bit Frida Kahlo meets Neoclassicism with a little Steampunk and Comedia Del Arte mixed in.


Frida Earrings
Mermaid Kiltpin

Two designer makers showing us that 'perculiar' is indeed an artform.  Two of my favourites well worth coming to ArtParade for.

Bev is back next week, and we've had lots of new deliveries for her to blog about.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Now at ArtParade - Lynn Kendall and Clare Caulfield

Lynn Kendall is a new jeweller showing at ArtParade, and we are delighted because she brings something different and new to our displays.  She works mainly in silver, producing unique ranges of jewellery influenced by the natural world and found objects. She also uses semi-precious stones as part of her designs, and we are very pleased to be showing a range of her one off  Rainbow Casilica pieces.
Rainbow Casilica Ring
Using silver and a cone cut piece of Rainbow Casilica, a natural gem stone, unique to Mexico.

Rainbow Casilica Pendant
Recent work has seen her experiment with etched silver and copper, and we have some showing alongside her rainbow casilica pieces.

Patinated Copper Pendant
Coming from a background in corporate interior and image design she uses her "graphic" eye to produce contemporary and unique pieces of jewellery.  With her partner Harriet Potts she passes on her jewellery making skills in classes and workshops at their studio in rural Staffordshire.
Saltaire based Printmaker Clare Caulfield has been a very popular exhibitor at ArtParade for two years now.  She has delivered a lovely new range of work this week, which prompts a mention in the blog and gives me an excuse to include some of her images.
Saltaire's own United Reform Church, our local, aren't we lucky

 Unmistakeably Paris, wish this was our local, that would be very lucky!

New York's Flatiron Building
Salt's Mill, Screen print.  This is the view from ArtParade every day, still feeling lucky
Clare’s love of drawing and use of line lend themselves perfectly to her work as a printmaker. She produces her handmade original prints at West Yorkshire Print Workshop where she also teaches weekend screen print courses.  Screen printing allows Clare to transfer the lively original drawings often taken directly from her sketchbook produced whilst on her travels, onto both paper and canvas enabling her prints to maintain this great sense of spontaneity. Within many of her screen prints Clare combines elements of hand painted acrylic and watercolour resulting in each print being a truly individual piece in itself.  Clare also produces drypoint prints, a method of intaglio printmaking as she enjoys the rich velvety line quality it achieves.  Some of these prints also combine elements of chinĂ©-colle allowing Clare to introduce subtle areas of colour and texture into her compositions.
Clare Caulfield
I'm about to go off on two weeks holiday, the next  couple of blogs will be by Jessica, who is holding the fort while I am away.  Hope to see you again in two weeks,  Beverley.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Now at ArtParade - Claire West, Fiona Cameron and Anne V Massey

It doesn't often happen that you admire an artist's work, meet the artist and have their work on display in the gallery within a couple of days. It can take months, and sometimes, although both sides are willing, it just never happens.

However, when Claire West came to Saltaire to collect her work from one of the Arts Trail Weekend open houses she brought it straight round to ArtParade, and I'm delighted to now have a "starter sample" of paintings and prints on display.

Badgering Around 
Claire writes "I like using colours that are often believed to not work together, in doing this I hope to break down the boundaries of what we should do and explore the freedom that is so often lost in art when we are no longer children.
I usually work on canvas in acrylic and inks, I produce textured work through layers of paint and random dripping of inks."

 Something Fishy
"I paint because it makes me happy and I hope that it does the same for the viewer. I have a strong belief in the power of colour therapy in uplifting the spirit."

Little Specked Eggs

Two Blackbirds
You may feel that you've seen Claire's work before even the Arts Trail, her work has featured on many television programmes, including I.T. Crowd, Life of Riley and Eastenders.
Claire West

Also new in this week are restocks from two of our permanent exhibitors, enamellist Fiona Cameron and silversmith Anne V Massey.
We have been showing Fiona's work for less than a year, but she has to keep topping us up with her framed enamels and small sculptural pieces 

Fiona Cameron
Anne Massey was one of our earliest exhibitors, possibly as early as the summer of 2006.  Anne writes "I've always felt the need to make. As a little girl, I was fascinated by the forbidden tool chest in the garage, especially the hammers! From the first time I tried working metal, I knew it was right for me. I came to Brighton in 1986 as a student and never left. I love living by the sea."
Anne's chief concern is with form. She draws her ideas from the natural world, rendered down into semi-abstraction.

Anne favours designs that feature regularity and the repetition of simple elements to produce a harmonious whole. Spirals and radial symmetry interest her particularly. She is fascinated by the way in which the natural world appears to follow mathematical principles in its formation.

  All her work is hand-formed. The large pieces are formed from flat metal by traditional methods, including raising, sinking and planishing over steel stakes.

“I like to exploit the way metal behaves when it is raised to influence form. I have always been interested in the forms achieved by anticlastic raising but have only fairly recently begun to get to grips with the techniques and processes involved. Jewellery is made using a variety of methods, including anticlastic raising with wooden formers and metal stakes. Most of my jewellery is made in sterling silver but I have now begun to diversify into copper and brass.”

Anne Massey

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Finally Getting On With It

It's embarrassing to note that it is nearly two years since I set up this blog, and not a dickie bird since.  Too Busy? too technical? nothing to report? not bothered?  None of these, just strangely daunted at the prospect.  However, I received some very good advice recently, the gist was "JUST GET ON WITH IT".

So I have a plan - two blogs a week, one with new arrivals, and one featuring one or two of our established makers or artists.  Mixed in with news, views and lots of images.  The blog will appear on our Facebook page , where there will also be snippets of the more entertaining aspects of the life of a Saltaire gallery, it's owner (me, Beverley) and it's charming assistant (Jessica).   In case you never get the chance to visit, here we are..

Beverley with Clare Lane canvases 

Jessica (photo credit please Jess)
That's it for now, first New Arrivals blog tomorrow, in the meantime a couple if preview images to tempt you back..
Claire West

Fiona Cameron

Anne V Massey