Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Arrivals and Winter Opening Hours

Some lovely new designs from a jeweller who is always very popular with our customers.  Star Inbar brings us the Danon range.  This week's new designs include dragonflies, angel wings and swallows...

We've had dragonfly bangles and earrings for a while, and I'm pleased to say we now also have two necklace options, with a perfectly sized larger dragonfly.  We also have a full set of pieces with a 3 crystal bejewelled heart, which is based on our most popular pointed heart from the current range.

These are my photographs and I'm afraid this one is not good enough to do these items justice.  The plump hearts have a hammered finish and are in silver and gold.  I can only suggest you pop in to see how lovely the swallows are, they have a single tiny crystal, completely lost in the photo.. memo to self, invest in some proper lighting!
Angel Wings, also available in silver and gold, or a combination.

No, I'm afraid flash doesn't help, but at least this gives some size comparisons.
Finally, since returning after New Year our winter opening hours apply, we have a short day on Sunday, and we close half an hour early every other day, until the end of March.
So the WINTER OPENING HOURS are as follows
Tuesday to Saturday  -  10am to 5.30pm
Sunday - 11am to 5pm